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Reducing the Costs Associated with Low Back Pain

An Industrial Management Program

Considerable financial benefits may be obtained by using the Expert Vision Spinex International in evaluating low back dysfunction. In one recent example, the Spinex International was successfully employed as a critical part of Canadian shipping company's back management program. The program involved three stages:

bulletApplication of the Spinex International for the proper assessment of back injuries. This provided a more accurate diagnosis for a return-to work determination, and was employed successfully for two years prior to implementing steps 2 and 3.
bulletBack education seminars that reinforced awareness, and provided techniques for strengthening and stretching the back.
bulletProviding workers with customized back supports that could be tightened according to work demand.

Compared to the same period of the year before the program began, there was a 64% reduction in the company's costs related to back problems. This company used the Spinex International for aggressive case management to maximize return-to-work ability and minimize the creation of "back cripples."

Preventing and managing industrial back injuries helped free up valuable resources to be directed to where they were most needed.

Bear Facts: Algoma Central Marine Employee Newsletter, 1996



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