The Expert Vision Spinex International System

The Expert Vision Spinex International uses standard Pentium based CPU computer hardware. The Expert Vision Spinex International software is easy to understand and use. The software generates a report translating measured data into a functional assessment of the spine.

Different inputs for the high speed camera, LED and EMG data provide information on the movements of the patient, which the Expert Vision System then processes.

Standard Components of the Expert Vision Spinex International

The Spinex International is available either as a standard desktop system or as a portable system. The portable Spinex International can be carried by one person and takes less than 15 minutes to set up.

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are placed along the spinal column. They provide information which is captured by the high speed camera and processed by the Expert Vision System.

The EMG (Electromyography) subsystem measures muscle activity in the lower back (upper back for cervical exam).

The EMG patient pack transmits the data from the EMGs to the CPU.

The calibration stick is used to record the floor's position before the examination and to perform diagnostic tests. All cameras used by the Expert Vision Spinex International are factory calibrated by the manufacturer of the camera system.


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